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Step One Academy is dedicated to providing exceptional early childhood education for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Our state-of-the-art learning facility offers comprehensive and well-structured daycare services in Plainfield, NJ. Parents trust us with the care, safety, and instruction of their active little ones, as we empower them with a nurturing environment that fosters growth and development.

We cater to little ones throughout all stages of development.
Childcare Services in Plainfield, NJ | Step One Academy

Our Mission

Step One Academy strives to provide an atmosphere of love and understanding, so each child finds acceptance as a unique person worthy of respect, dignity, and love.

Emplowering Self-Image Preschool in Plainfield, NJ

Empowering Self-Image: Fostering Worth and Confidence

At Step One Academy, we understand the profound impact of building a positive self-image in our students. Our dedicated teachers serve as positive role models, creating an environment of love, trust, and patience. We believe in providing enriching experiences where children can participate in group activities, explore the arts, and engage with the community, fostering a sense of self-worth and personal growth.

Consistency, Love, and Growth Childcare Services in Plainfield, NJ

Consistency, Love, and Growth: Nurturing the Learning Environment

We strive to create a learning environment where consistent, loving discipline and optimal conditions for growth are maintained. Our experienced educators are honored to be entrusted with the responsibility of guiding your child’s development. Through engaging stories, interactive songs, creative art activities, and fun games, we ensure that every hour spent at Step One Academy is filled with wonderful learning experiences.

Parterning with Parents Early Education in Plainfield, NJ

Partnering with Parents: Building Strong Character Together

We strongly believe in the power of parent involvement in shaping the character and values of each child. At Step One Academy, we encourage active participation from parents as we work together to cultivate honesty, respect, and kindness in our young learners. By setting ourselves as examples of these virtues, we aim to provide your child with the invaluable learning experience they deserve.

Together, let’s give your child the foundation they need to thrive.

Join Step One Academy, the trusted provider of early education in Plainfield.

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233 E 5th Street
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